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Dear Neng, I just wanted to send you a note about your interconnects. In any component it is unfortunately rare to find great musicality with excellent detail and imaging. In your interconnects, both come together in a big way. Many times we can improve one area of performance at the expense of another. Again I found your cables to be an across the board improvement. These Zentara IC-4 and Reference interconnects are a world class products. One would expect to pay a very high price for this kind of performance. Considering the asking price of your cables they have to be the best value in audio. The Cardas cables yours replaced cost way more than yours and are very good cables. They just were outperformed by your cables. Keep up the good work

Bob B.
Fresno, California

Neng, I received the Reference I/Cs Tuesday, 7-27-2010. I was expecting a slight improvement over the older Zentara IC-4s, but found substantial improvements in sound! Finer details emerged for the first time, instrumental timbres are truer, micro dynamics bloomed and the sound stage became more focused and less layed back. Overall, listening has become even more pleasurable! I still think that my old Zentaras (IC-4) sound wonderful, but the performers have so much more to say through the Reference I/Cs! Thank you very much for improving my entire repertoire.

Jay S.
Port Huron, Michigan

Neng, I love your (Reference) cables. I am now running an iMac computer through a dcs Purcell upsampler into a dcs Delius DAC through my Canary pre-amp and amplifier into the Von Schweikert VR5-HSE speakers. This is a very, very pleasing system sonically. The best I've ever had via a digital rig. Hope to see you sometime and check out any new stuff you might have.

John F.
Orchard Lake, Michigan

Hi Neng, First of all let me say that the Zentara Reference bi-wire speaker cables are very well constructed and the spades you used were perfect for my application fitting everything just right. The cables took about fifteen hours to settle in after being hooked up but now, wow! They are throwing a taller,deeper,wider soundstage then my previous cables with a more powerful better defined bass and with smoother more extended highs. The sound is much more open and yet defined but also posses a density of tone and texture that I had not heard in my music before. Everything emerges from a black background with every little bit of spacial information presented in a natural and flowing manner. I discovered that where there used to be silence between notes there is now a longer decay and more room ambiance. My speakers have also taken on a much more continuous sound between the drivers allowing the sound to blend much better between the woofers and ribbons. I spent last night making very fine adjustments to my speaker placement now that I can hear exactly what they are capable of and the results are fantastic. I really couldn't be any happier,thank you for such a fine product! Audio System: Magnum Dynalab MD90 fm tuner Oppo BDP-95 universal blu-ray player running balanced Oritek Audio X-2 interconnects Ayre AX-7e integrated amp Bohlender-Graebener Radia 520i loudspeakers

Best Regards, Duane
Franklin, Ohio

Hi Neng, The Reference II speaker cables arrived safely and after a brief listen, they sound fantastic, just what I wanted. I am not an engineer but wanted copper, Teflon, low resistance, inductance and capacitance. Your cable had all these. I wanted frequency extension high and low and beauty in the mids. Your cable fulfills everything, thank you very much!

Wayne S.
Brea, California

I received the package and the Reference II cables sound great.

Ciro A.
Los Angeles, California

Hi -Neng, The Reference interconnects are excellent. I feel lucky that I chose Zentara, as there are many brands out there getting good reviews. They are great on the Modwright Oppo player, which was my primary goal. I informed Dan about these and am thinking of recommending to him the use of your Ref. interconnect at the upcoming Newport Show. Maybe he will try your other cables too. At the moment, I have no urge to try any more high end interconnects. Later on, I may try the Crimson. But for now I want to hook up the Bel Canto DAC that I have here, with their computer interface. I will use your Reference interconnect, the MIT Oracle, Tara the One, and Townshend XLR. This will tell me how your cable performs on a really good solid state source component. For some reason, my Kubala-Sosna interconnects do not sound right on the Modified Oppo player. I am using some older FMS interconnects, which sound better on this machine. This is why I decided to try something new, and I ran across the review of your cables. I also have a set of MIT Oracle XLR cables, which always sound good, but are more suitable for solid state source components, in my experience. Best Regards, Bill (April 2013)

Bill R.
San Diego, California

Neng, Hooked up the Reference II speaker cables last night and listened for hours. They are great, definitely keepers. I would would agree with the reviews that state that they are so balanced and do everything so well that nothing sticks out. Just beautiful sounds coming from the speakers. Thanks again so much for the special deal. Music is my passion, so anything that brings me closer to the music is very special to me. Nick (May 2013)

Nick P.
Chicago, Illinois